reflections on career counseling

For your final discussion, explain to your peers and your instructor what you will be taking away from the course in career counseling. In your post, answer the following questions:

  • What did you learn that surprised you?
  • What did you find challenging to understand or grasp?
  • What aspects of the course did you enjoy? Which did you not enjoy?
  • What would you like to see added to the course for future sessions?

Since you had an opportunity to focus on your own career goals in this course as you learned to counsel clients or students, how will you keep your own career plan moving forward?

Can use this as a guide:

This class certainly was the most challenging one that I have ever encountered during my educational journey. I honestly felt like I was struggling each week as I attempted to understand what each discussion board/assignment was asking for. I certainly learned quite a bit about multi-cultural needs and ethical concerns regarding career counseling. I suppose I did enjoy writing my CV and cover letter to incorporate a career that I am working hard to achieve. I did not find enjoyment in the struggle of trying to understand each assignment to ensure that I achieve a good grade. For future classes the only advice I could offer is to provide more guidance on what exactly is wanted in each assignment and post. All in all, it certainly was a learning experience and one that I will utilize throughout my career/educational progression.

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