case study 2 83

You will choose 2 cases to analyze and for each one, you will submit a case memo that is a maximumof 2 pages, single-spaced. This memo is designed to succinctly demonstrate to me that you understand the case and can use critical thinking skills to assess/address the true problem(s). Two pages is purposefully limiting and leaves little room for descriptive information that does not show critical thinking. This will be a common problem when you make a presentation to your boss, you need to convey the key analysis and recommendations in a concise but thoughtful way.

Note: Be sure to focus on the assigned step of the critical thinking model.

Your case memo will be evaluated with the following criteria in mind. Each section is evaluated on a 5 point scale (where 1= significantly below expectations, 3=met expectations, and 5 = excellent).

please read the attached first A Day in the Life of Alex Sander. Driving in the Fast Lane at Landon Care Products.pdf

and answer based on the Grading Criteria for Individual Case Memos

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