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Intelligence, Design, Choice When forming a new business, list and discuss some of the typical actions involved in each part of the decision (intelligence, design, and choice).

Just do response each posted # 1 to 3 down below only.

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The decision-making model developed by Herbert Simon is a simple and straightforward process of deciding on a logical or optimal choice between two or more options and consists of three major phases: intelligence, design, and choice (Rainer & Prince, 2018). The phases are distinct in purpose, order, and logic and, if followed, should prove to be of value in the decision-making process.

An example of using this process as it relates to my new business, I can apply it to deciding which information systems would be the most beneficial additions. In the intelligence phase, I would determine exactly what purpose the specific system would serve. Optimizing supply chain management could be one example. In the design phase I would consider different solutions from different vendors. Each solution would be evaluated and scored based on factors such as effectiveness, cost, ease of implementation, intuitiveness, etc. In the choice phase the options could then be compared against one another to determine which solution would be most beneficial.

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Some of the typical actions involved in each part of the decision intelligence, design, and choice are listed as follows:

Concept of Best Decision: rational decisions must sync with the basic concept of best decisions. As such, there must be conceptualization, flow of information, prediction and many other things. So rational decision-making needs intelligence, insights and huge or vast experience with regards to the matter.

Organizational Environment of the Company: Organizational condition likewise applies extraordinary effect on decision making. A few organizations have faith in inflexible centralization while others have confidence in decentralization and leave the normal dynamic capacity with the departmental heads. Further, in light of a legitimate concern for the organization it has been recommended that the arrangement matter choice must be left with the top management and leave the conventional everyday schedule matter choices to the different departmental heads. Outside, Social, Political and Economic condition additionally impact dynamic. Be that as it may, instable political conditions in the nation are not helpful for significant dynamic. (Rainer & Prince, 2018)

Timing of Decisions: Choices must be taken at the suitable time keeping in see the overall conditions. Showcasing point ought to likewise be mulled over and time required for accomplishing the point. Any choice taken in time leaves an enduring impact on the psyche of the individuals who are influenced by the choice.

Communication of Decisions: At the point when a specific choice has been taken it must be imparted appropriately so as to the people concerned. Choice ought to be conveyed to the subordinate officials in a gracious, straightforward and reasonable language. There ought not to be any vagueness in the language composed. It ought to be in a shift basic language.

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An idea doesn’t become a business without effort” (Stowers 2020). When considering the actions needed to bring my new business idea to life, I reviewed a generic decision process. The intelligence gathered produced the following information. I recognized there was a gap in the market for affordable organic hair care products. I considered my options and decided that I could create a haircare line using local vendors for organic supplies. Although the nature of my business was more consistent

with structured decision making, there were some areas where unstructured decisions were required. Things like “reading the room” for the best timing to pitch my social marketing communications were pivotal.

Business design details were formulated by utilizing predictive analytics. While I don’t have my own company’s historical data to reference I considered the hair care market’s data at large. My use of business analytics enables estimations for marketing opportunities during certain times and financial calculations to reduce unnecessary expenditures. My choice for solutions to pain points includes operation & management controls while focusing on strategic planning for variables as the business needs change.

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