community organizing experience 1

complete document that includes feedback and learning from each of the final project milestones and all the other activities you have completed in this course related to the community organizing process.

In addition to your previous work in the first four milestones, describe and critique the following:

1) The various types of community meetings that were held as part of your community organizing experience. Base your thinking and summaries upon what you read about in the Federal Highway Administration article about face-to-face meetings. How were the meetings planned and facilitated and what were the results? If there were no community meetings, why and how might they have been helpful to achieving the goals of the organizing process?

2) How did the organizing experience involve evaluation? How did the reflection process take place? What were the adjustments? Describe and critique what happened with the organizing experience after achieving their main results (or not) and the lessons learned during the experience.

I will attach all the papers that need to be added to this final paper below

Guidelines for Submission: Written components of projects must follow these formatting guidelines when applicable: double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and discipline-appropriate citations. Your final project paper should be 15–20 pages in length. Citations (both in-text and references list) should be in APA citation format.

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