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For this essay, we will be combining each of the 3 previous assignments together on Starbucks to form this essay of 900-1100 words in length.

Combine your first 3 weeks’ assignments, integrating and consolidating the material into a cohesive paper.

Add an analysis of effective leadership skills and suggestions for motivating employees and improving job satisfaction based on your chosen theme (group/team work, leadership, or organizational change processes) in the context of the organization that you have selected. Answer the following questions in your paper:

  • What type of leadership approach is best for your theme and organization? Explain why.
  • What theories or combination of theories would be best for leaders to use to motivate employees in your organization?
  • Why do you think the theories you selected would be best for your chosen theme (group/team work, leadership, or organizational change processes)?
  • What suggestions would you make to increase employee job satisfaction for your chosen theme? For example:
    • How would you increase job satisfaction for group and teams?
    • How would you increase job satisfaction for those individuals in leadership roles?
    • How would you increase or maintain job satisfaction for employees in the midst of an organizational change?

The materials found in the MUSE may help you with this assignment such as the presentation Motivating and Inspiring Employees. This file provides real world experience which may help you with this assignment.

Provide a minimum of 4 scholarly sources cited in APA format.

Review this Scholarly Sources document to learn more about proper APA citations and sources.

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