visual basic 2010 basic jukebox


The interface must be pleasing to look at.

  • There must be a separate file that will contain information about each soundtrack in your system. That information will be:
  • Title;
  • Artist;
  • Note area;
  • Type; and 
  • Anything else that you wish to include on each record.
  • There must be a way to add data to this file.
  • There must be a way to delete data from this file.
  • There must be at least one report using data from the file.
  • There must be a queue to allow you to play selected music tracks in sequence (like two in a row) without manual intervention.
  • There must be a way to show the data in at least two different sequences (by title, by artist, etc.).
  • There must be documentation explaining how your Jukebox works (how you add songs, play songs, etc.).


Currently there is a Text file that contains the information about the wav files to be played, several wav files that the text file references.  I have also made an access database from the text file.

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