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Assignment: Leadership and Strategic Planning

In this assignment, you consider how leaders can engage in a strategic planning process with stakeholders to develop a plan to guide the organization’s evolution and development for the long-term. Since strategic planning should engage persons who will be affected by an organization’s decisions (e.g., staff, administration, board members, members of the community), it is […]

Discussion 2 06/01/2020 – Homework Handlers

Discussion 2: Workforce ReadinessThis Discussion focuses on the skills employees need to be prepared for careers. Before you post to this Discussion, review and reflect on this week’s Learning Resources related to the job search process and the differences between skills and talents. In particular, review the “Five Vital Steps to the Job Search Process” […]

IOP/455: Week 5 Discussion Question

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words and referencing text:Please review the excerpt about the Space Shuttle in Chapter 12, Establishing a Code of Ethics and Ethical Guidelines in your reading materials. Describe what you learned about the event, and what takeaway could help support your future ethical decision making?Chapter 12- Establishing […]

Discussion: Drug Policies and Ethics

The NASW Code of Ethics provides social workers with guidelines and standards for interacting with clients, colleagues, communities, and society, as a whole. These standards govern interactions and professional behavior of social work practitioners. The NASW has also developed specific standards, which are published in the NASW Standards for Social Work Practice With Clients With […]

basics paralegalism

Investigate the role of the paralegal in the practice of law. Support your position with two (2) examples of a paralegal’s responsibilities. 1 paragraph and cite Explore the role of the paralegal in the following alternative dispute resolution methods: Arbitration, Summary Jury Trials, and Mediation. Support your response with at least two (2) examples of […]

COUN5223-Intro to Clinincal Mental Health

Advocacy for Diverse ClienteleResourcesAdvocacy for Diverse Clientele Scoring Guide.iGuide: ePortfolio.APA Style and Formatting.Unit 4 Assignment TemplateFor your first project assignment, identify a culturally diverse population within your community. This population will serve as the basis for your course project. Then draft a 3-4 page paper that includes:A brief description of your target population.Advocacy processes for […]

Medical abbreviations errors

Medical errors stem from a variety of causes. One of which is miscommunication between prescribers and the pharmacist in the form of misunderstood or illegible abbreviations. Read the article below and using the medical terminology that you’ve learned in the course so far give your opinion as to how these abbreviations can or can’t be […]

Compare the U.S. healthcare system

A. Compare the U.S. healthcare system with the healthcare system of Great Britain, Japan, Germany, or Switzerland, by doing the following: 1. Identify one country from the following list whose healthcare system you will compare to the U.S. healthcare system: Great Britain, Japan, Germany, or Switzerland. 2. Compare access between the two healthcare systems for […]

Digital Learning Research Proposal – Homework Handlers

Ch. 2, 6 and 7 of Research Methods in Psychology and Electronic Reserve Readings resources, including videos.Prepare a research proposal on one of the research problems your Learning Team identified in Week 2. how does gaming digital learning promote positive behavior for children with behavioral issues?.Include the following:Research questionLiterature reviewPopulationMethodProcedure   “Looking for a Similar Assignment? Get Expert […]